Trends in the cyber managed services

How organizations are reshaping their cyber security programs

Kyle Kappel

Kyle Kappel

Cyber Security Leader, KPMG US

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Hi, I am Tarun Sondhi, I have the privilege to lead KPMG’s Cyber Managed Services practice. I’d like to spend a little time talking about the changing cyber security landscape, and how it’s reshaping the way organizations are trying to meet their goals. KPMG has reframed existing effort driven models into managed outcomes.  Organization can now realize better return on their investment by making this shift.

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Video transcript

To start, I like to address a few trends that we’re seeing in the marketplace and how we are working with organizations to address their needs:

  • Historically most organization view Cyber Security operations as a cost center, if not a money pit. We’re seeing a need to shift from cost center to business enabler.
  • Organizations go through multi-year investment cycles, layering complex processes that become inefficient over time.  They’re also deferring investments in practitioners and subsequently loosing talent to high demand marketplace. We’re seeing increasing demand, to enable our clients to refocus their limited talent where domain expertise is needed the most, while out-tasking operational workloads to organizations like KPMG. 
  • Organizations are trying to reframe their impact to the business as accretive and not dilutive.

Our Managed Services offerings allow organizations to match their most valuable internal resources, with those efforts directed towards sustainable competitive advantages, and lowering the overall risk to the organization.

  • We recognize that organizations are looking for the latest tools and techniques to address the specific challenges of today through a mix of different experiences.  Through a disciplined approach along with skilled practitioners this gets all delivered as an outcome.
  • The KPMG Managed Services team reorients discrete tasks, automates a range of functionalities and processes that delivers deterministic results within defined Service Level Objectives and not just effort.
    Our offerings also centers around two core principles:

It is our goal is to own and operate, on behalf of our clients, complex cyber security processes which many organizations would struggle to execute on their own.  While we may monitor and maintain applications as part of the objective, our overall approach focuses on delivering outcomes.

Our tailored cyber managed services helps deliver disciplined operational rigor to our clients, incorporating our view of the “right” way to execute ongoing cyber support. Our approach is to invest heavily in automation to drive increased efficiency and reduce the human errors.

If you’ve found these insights helpful, we’d love the opportunity to connect with you. Thank you for your time.