2019 U.S. customer experience excellence report

Doing a million things well each day, every day, to retain customers requires an organizational focus on consistency.

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

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  • 2019 survey report
  • KPMG CX research: History and methodology

2019 survey report

The connected experience

Most organizations can deliver a good experience some of the time, but delivering a high-quality experience, each time, every time, demands high levels of connectivity across key processes and customer journeys.

Learn more about how U.S. companies who lead in our 2019 Customer experience excellence survey are facing these challenges—and overcoming them. 

KPMG has conducted this global study for more than 10 years. This year’s survey, fielded in May 2019, received responses from over 7500 U.S. consumers, and they told what they think about who is succeeding in the war for customer loyalty. 

KPMG CX research: History and methodology

For the last decade, KPMG member firm professionals have been asking consumers about their individual experiences with brands. Over that time, more than 275,000 consumers have been interviewed and 2,700 brands measured to collect more than 3 million individual evaluations.

Surveys are conducted via an online survey methodology with nationally representative consumer sampling targeted in terms of age and gender, while also targeting regional representation. To participate in the research and respond to questions on a specific company, respondents must have interacted with that company in the previous six months. An interaction is defined as making a purchase, using the company’s products and services, contacting a company with a query or even browsing their website—so not all respondents are existing customers of the brand they evaluated. 

In order to be included in the final rankings for a country, each brand must have achieved a minimum of 100 consumer responses.

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