How consumers choose video streaming services

KPMG conducted a consumer survey of video streaming subscribers to understand the potential success factors for streaming.

How consumers choose video streaming services presents results of KPMG’s survey of current streaming subscribers, and examines the factors they deem most important in assessing their content options. Responses from 1,025 consumers ages 25-60, and 1,030 consumers ages 18-24 indicate that while content is still king, price, ease of access, and an ad-free environment are important considerations.

As new high-profile streaming services enter the market, consumers will have to decide how much they are willing to spend to get their desired content mix. Winning share of market and share of wallet are critical as competition heats up in the streaming video market.

Survey highlights include:

  • Consumers want access to a broad content mix, including original series, and a substantial library of movies and popular TV series

  • People expressed a high degree of price sensitivity, yet many are still willing to increase monthly spend to add a new highly anticipated service

  • Younger consumers prefer an ad-free environment, but are willing to sit through ads to reduce cost
How consumers choose video streaming services
Content, price, and ads are top of mind for consumers in KPMG's survey on video steaming