Oracle and KPMG cloud threat report 2019

Defining edge intelligence: Closing visibility gaps with a layered defense strategy

The 2020 report is now available

The Oracle and KPMG cloud threat report 2019 examines emerging cyber security challenges and risks that businesses are facing as they embrace cloud services at an accelerating pace. The report provides leaders around the globe and across industries with important insights and recommendations for how they can ensure that cyber security is a critical business enabler. Cyber security leaders and practitioners can use this report to educate lines of business about the real security risks the cloud can present.  

This year’s report is a call to action to treat cloud security as a strategic imperative, one that entails a multifaceted approach to secure the business cloud.

The starting point for protecting mission-critical cloud services is understanding the changes that cloud adoption has brought to cybersecurity programs, including the reality of shadow IT, in which business units do not seek approval; the creation of new threat vectors; and the idea that cloud security is a responsibility shared with the service provider. This report offers reasons for optimism that new and perennial security issues can be addressed with automation and machine learning, which promise to improve operational and threat detection efficacy. The imperative to secure the business cloud is also an opportunity to modernize cybersecurity programs for today’s and tomorrow’s core-to-edge compute model.

If there is a single, seminal take away from this year’s Oracle and KPMG cloud threat report, it is urgency, because what has fundamentally changed is the strategic nature of how cloud services and applications are being used by the businesses consuming them. Indeed, fully leveraging all the cloud has to offer in order to move quickly in competitive markets is nothing short of a critical success factor for enterprises in all industries. 

Read the report to learn about aligning cloud security and business strategy.

Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019
Defining edge intelligence: Closing visibility gaps with a layered defense strategy