Capitalizing on the crypto and blockchain deal rush

How financial services firms win as the market consolidates

The future of money is digital.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are disrupting financial services, unleashing vast improvements in speed, transparency and security.

Financial institutions that successfully integrate these transformative technologies should gain a significant competitive advantage in the new world of money.

To capitalize swiftly on this new opportunity, financial institutions are turning to M&A to acquire startups. There is no shortage of crypto and blockchain deals available.

Yet, finding and executing the right deal at the right time makes for unfamiliar and difficult terrain. Dealmakers face unique and significant challenges throughout the transaction lifecycle. To succeed, vigilant dealmaking—from evaluation to execution—is critical.

Drawing on detailed analysis of 117 recent cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions in the financial services industry, KPMG’s new thought leadership report, Capitalizing on the crypto and blockchain deal rush delivers insights on how financial services incumbents can execute a successful M&A strategy in this fast-evolving space. The findings underscore the growing recognition that the winning financial services firms of the future will be those that successfully integrate these powerful technologies into their business.

The report provides insight on some of the ways incumbent firms can take action, strategically and operationally, to gain the greatest strategic and monetary value from crypto and blockchain M&A. Each of these is examined in turn, including the pitfalls and challenges, opportunities and best practices for realizing strategic and financial value.

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Capitalizing on the crypto and blockchain deal rush