Blockchain delivers clarity

KPMG director Tegan Keele provides insight on the UK company that is currently using blockchain to track $2.5 million worth of diamonds so that consumers can safely identify where they came from, and how other organizations can use the technology to instill customer trust and transparency.

Video transcript

VO: A U.K. company is tracking 2.5 million diamonds using blockchain, so consumers can trust where they came from.

Tegan Keele soundbite: It’s just one of a growing wave of companies using blockchain to track something of value. We’re seeing it with data, produce, and pharmaceuticals. 

VO: But companies should consider three key factors before applying blockchain.

Tegan Keele soundbite: Make sure you're driving trust, transparency and auditability of the supply chain. All of those are critical for blockchain to make sense.


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Tegan Keele

Tegan Keele

Climate Data & Technology Leader, KPMG US