KPMG blockchain analyst briefing day

Solving business problems with blockchain – notes from KPMG’s Global Blockchain Summit

A brief video to capture the excitement and energy of the KPMG’s Analyst briefing day focused specifically on KPMG Blockchain services. Hear from the KPMG global team, the analysts and the ecosystem of partners. Learn how KPMG’s business-led, technology enabled approach to blockchain is solving problems today.

Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh

U.S. Leader – Climate Data and Technology, KPMG US

Video transcript

Very very very excited to have you all.

Thank you, meeting today has been great.

Really excited to be here today and what I'm really excited about is some of the dissidents been fantastic

Martha: Time and time again there was that emphasis on this is not about the technology, this is about the business.

Ali: At today's event I think they take away from me so far as kpmg's positional blockchain is not really leading with the technology they're really leading with more trying to orchestrate the ecosystem.

Patrick: I expected a lot more really geeky stuff but instead it's been all about those business problems it's what's the use cases have been fantastic because it was clearly articulated what was the business problem where did KPMG fit in.

Bernerd: What I'm really excited about and from these presentations that we've had is just the amount of conversation around trust.

Mark: It's really incredible to see all the different areas that KPMG is involved as it relates to blockchain

Kevin: We see the disruptive potential for a number of different clients in a variety of different sectors and that's exactly what my portfolio is designed to do to help incubate and jumpstart new capabilities in the marketplace that we believe we're going to have strategic impact for our businesses long term.

Steven: Really excited to be here to discuss with the analyst community and KPMG's blockchain analyst day the way that a block trading solutions can be utilized in the telecom ecosystem.

Masa: As to share one of our tools called cap crypto audit platform looking forward to collaborating with the rest of the colleagues from every corner of the world to make something even more useful for their customers

James: And one of the things I've been I think most impressed with is they're talking about it less as a technology discussion and more about a business process discussion

Laszlo: It's finally the technology is maturing to the point where we have capabilities we build some solutions and we tested them with clients

Marc: The keeping for me is that blockchain isn't is about trust and transparency it's in to deliver that trust transparency requires a combination of business and technology and that's why working with someone like KPMG is great

Fiona: And there's a couple things that have been happening with black Jan and I've been so excited about one of the things that I've heard about recently is the increased tokenization of digital assets

Juanita: It is going to be so much convergence between crypto currencies and blockchain DLCs

Hansla: We're looking at artificial intelligence and machine learning an alliance are seeing that we can create something new something that we called economic communities and I think what's amazing to think as a bunch blockchain decide not just as a technology I think luncheon is that way as a KPMG here we can work as a firm

Andre: Blockchain gives back to the people a solution where they can take over their own responsibilities on their data

Tegan: I think a lot of the times we forget to sort of pause and look and see what we've accomplished and that was really rewarding today and seeing everyone's reactions from our global firms from having a lot of really good engagement from the analysts was super valuable and super rewarding and I can't wait to see what happens and that's why 20

Arun: Today was phenomenal we had several partners come in to talk about solutions and what they're solving it's not about blockchain but it's what you do with it.

The future is bright.