Automating third-party risk assessments

Take advantage of automation to facilitate a well-designed process to analyze your third-party risks.

As third-party risk management (TPRM) programs evolve, organizations must take proactive steps to safeguard their data, reputation and, ultimately their bottom line. 

Take control of your TPRM

Complex, dynamic third-party networks have numerous hidden vulnerabilities, what are yours? KPMG is helping organizations transform their TPRM programs to take action against the threats to your business success. 

It is not enough to expect technology to solve all the problems of a TPRM program but rather to use technology to automate and facilitate a well-designed process.”
— Jorge Blanco, Principal, Advisory, KPMG

A recent Risk & Compliance Magazine mini-roundtable with KPMG’s Jorge Blanco, Jon Dowie, Greg Matthews, and Lisa Rawls discussed the common failures and shortcomings of TPRM insight for effective risk assessment.  They also explain how intelligent automation can deliver requisite controls and enable the organization to mitigate risk quickly.

Third Party Risk Assessment Risk and Compliance Magazine
Learn what several of KPMG’s executives Lisa D. Rawls, Jorge Blanco, Greg Matthews and John Dowle had to say about Automated Third-Party Risk Assessment as featured in Risk and Compliance Magazine. Discussions take place around the common failures and shortcomings of TPRM and how to effectively assess risk and what measures can be taken to mitigate risk quickly.


Navigating third-party risk management

See how KPMG is innovating TPRM through streamlining intelligent automation, without forfeiting the customer experience.