ALM Intelligence: KPMG is a leader in supply chain consulting

KPMG's approach to strengthening clients’ S&OP, commercial and financial planning activities was noted as achieving desired objectives.

KPMG's global network of member firms was acknowledged in 2019 by ALM Intelligence as a global leader in supply chain planning consulting and ranked "best in class" for needs assessment and project management.

The ALM Vanguard: Supply Chain Planning Consulting 2019 report ranks 24 global firms on their ability to create impact for clients. Leaders are deemed “at the top of the market” based on depth of expertise and ability to deploy it across a range of engagement models. The report calls market Leaders “unique in their ability to independently execute a broad array of projects across the full spectrum of client contexts.”

The report praises KPMG’s approach for its focus on “strengthening and integrating” clients’ S&OP (sales and operations planning), commercial and financial planning activities to achieve desired strategic and business objectives. 

KPMG excels in its ability to steer clients through large-scale, multi-year transformations from strategy through execution.
Naima Hoque Essing, ALM Intelligence Senior Research Analyst, Management Consulting Research

KPMG was ranked "best in class" for needs assessment and project management and "strong" for its operating system and management system capabilities. The report notes that "best in class" firms “evidence deep capabilities in specific areas of supply chain planning consulting and stand out from their peers for their highly effective and often innovative consulting approaches and service delivery.” 

As the ALM report states: Through better definition of roles, decision rights and accountability sustained through performance management and technology solutions, KPMG demonstrates consistent success in elevating and maturing client planning organizations into a truly integrated, high-functioning operation that is capable of delivering real positive results.”


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