ALM Intelligence: KPMG is a global leader in change consulting

KPMG was noted for its suite of change management tools, methods, and playbooks for making change real and impactful.

ALM Intelligence named KPMG a leader in delivering communications and change management consulting services in their 2019 Vanguard report. Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence, cites KPMG’s enabling tools as ‘best in class,’ noting that “KPMG continues to aggressively invest in developing a broad suite of change management tools, methods, and playbooks that align with its guiding methodology for making change real and impactful.”

ALM’s 2019 Vanguard report highlights KPMG’s deep expertise. Specifically noted were KPMG's “Change by Design", an approach for designing and connecting personalized change journeys to business outcomes, and "Change Frame", a platform for delivering change journeys with program management functionality and data-driven insights for change teams and business leaders.



About the report

The ALM Vanguard report assesses consulting providers' capabilities to get results for clients, based on the combination of their depth and breadth and factoring the degree of engagement model complexity incurred across industry sectors and geographic regions. KPMG was one of a few select organizations to earn this prestigious recognition.