Making agile transformation real

Discover how Technology Business Management can enable modern IT delivery.

How do you deliver quality products and services that customers want, when they want them, and how they want them? More importantly, how do you drive profits for your business at the same time?

In today’s cloud, data, “‘X’-as-a-service” world, where technological advancements are accelerating at ever faster rates right along with increasing customer demands and heightened global competition, all businesses are under pressure. The statement that every business is a technology business is overused for good reason: it’s true. And it’s true across industries and sectors, old and new. All businesses are being pushed to deliver faster, to adapt quicker, and to add value to the overall business at the same time. 

IT as a cost function is dead. The role of the CIO needs to evolve to reflect this reality if they want to remain a strategic partner to the business.
Denis Berry, Principal, Advisory, KPMG

We believe that Technology Business Management (TBM) offers the tools that IT and the business can use to address the gaps of the old models and accelerate the journey to modern delivery adoption. TBM has been the biggest driver in the market to link technology resources to business objectives and make those linkages transparent.

By exposing IT cost drivers to the business and then subsequently driving changes in behavior and consumption, TBM enables organizations to shape their technology portfolios in order to realize business objectives and meet demand with real-time cost and performance insights that drive decision making on where to invest, divest, and tolerate—and why. 

Download the article to learn more and explore four tenets of TBM:

  • ideation, strategy and planning
  • IT financial management
  • technology portfolio management
  • advanced IT analytics and data management support and accelerate the move to a more agile organization.
Making agile transformation real
Discover how TBM can accelerate the adoption journey to modern IT delivery.