Align performance with strategy using agile portfolio management

The traditional approach to prioritizing and funding business initiatives doesn’t work in today’s fast-moving world.

Applying agile principals to portfolio management 

Large and medium-sized companies are continuously confronted with having to choose from among hundreds, even thousands, of active and proposed initiatives, and then allocate resources based on need or importance. These may include projects, programs, or products supporting operations, sales, information technology (IT), marketing, and much more.

But in this world of market disruption and fierce competition, the traditional process no longer works. To survive and flourish, companies need an agile business process that allows them to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands, and quickly reprioritize projects so they can drive maximum value from their limited resources.

Agile portfolio management (AgPM) can be the key to driving your organization’s revenue and profits, growing its market share, or boosting cash flow. Whatever your business strategy or goals, it can help align your processes, operations, and execution for maximum performance.

Companies that have fully embraced agile practices, including portfolio management, throughout the organization have achieved 60 percent higher revenue and profit growth than firms that have not.
Harvard Business Review 2018, survey of almost 1,300 IT and business leaders

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How agile portfolio management can align performance with strategy—and transform your business