Advice for working mothers

Women don’t need to choose between family and a successful career.

Women’s Natural Aptitude for Risk Management



Dana McFerran: It's important for us to show the younger folks that are coming out on campus that you can actually be a mom, and have kids, and also be very successful in your career. To me, that's important, because I think we have to show our younger generation that you can do both. 

Terry Pesce: I had all three of my children while I was working. As a result, a lot of young women who are starting families now, are coming in to say "How do you do it? How did you do it?” I'm really happy to provide the advice that they need. That it's not about killing yourself or sacrificing your family to do a tremendously good job. You can do it all. You have to want to do it all. 

Dana McFerran: We have all the opportunities in the world as women. And those opportunities are endless.