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Intelligent automation technologies are transforming business and operating models in every industry. KPMG firms help clients use RPA, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and other cognitive technologies in new and inventive ways that we believe will reinvent the way we interact with customers and each other, improving every aspect of the experience.

We hear and read about intelligent automation technologies, but it's often difficult to understand fully unless you see the technology in action. This video series shows intelligent automation technologies in use within the context of a business issue.

Cliff  Justice

Cliff Justice

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This is the future

See how humans and machines complement one another by leveraging Automation, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence across various sectors. At KPMG, we believe that implementing just one of these major emerging technologies isn’t enough to lead, let alone keep up. Everyone needs to invest and scale in all of them now in order to achieve competitive advantage.

Scale now

An inspirational look at how and why organizations need to think bigger and bolder and scale their AI efforts NOW. This video asks the same questions that we ask our most innovative and forward-thinking clients - Are you thinking BOLDLY enough? BROADLY enough? Are you a disruptor? Or are you the disrupted? Should you be a fast follower? Or should you SCALE NOW? The time is now to turn it up a notch and move beyond the pilot stage to full-scale AI production.

Highlights from the 2018 Symposium on Intelligent Automation

As electricity did over 100 years ago, the spectrum of artificial intelligence technologies is rewriting the rules and enabling society to transform. From government to business operations, science to healthcare, customer service and privacy, to cybersecurity, every part of our world is changing.

Humans – Be Free

KPMG’s video: Humans – Be Free looks at the convergence of artificial intelligent technologies and illustrates the viewpoint that these will ‘free’ humans from repetitive and mundane work, enabling greater innovation.

Money management. Easier with automation.

In this video, you’ll meet Phil and Vanessa and see three scenarios demonstrating how they interact with Google Home and a sample virtual assistant we call Ana to complete basic and advanced financial transactions at work, home and on-the-go.

Integrated value management for intelligent automation

We estimate more than 50% of intelligent automation initiatives fail to achieve their expected value. This video demonstrates how KPMG's intelligent automation program accelerator template, powered by Shibumi, can help manage and scale intelligent automation programs enterprise-wide.