Washington Report 360 | September 28, 2018

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Key highlights

  • The OCC released its fiscal year 2019 bank supervision operating plan, which provides the foundation for policy initiatives and for risk-based supervisory strategies; the OCC will focus on a range of issues, including cybersecurity; credit risk; BSA/AML compliance; and internal controls.
  • Continued focus on data protection: the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a Request for Comments on a proposed approach to consumer data privacy; the Senate Commerce Committee conducted a hearing on safeguards for consumer data privacy; and the administration issued a National Cyber Strategy.

Financial services legislative and regulatory news

The OCC released its fiscal year 2019 bank supervision operating plan, which focuses on issues including cybersecurity; credit risk; BSA/AML compliance; and internal controls.

The CFPB issued a report on how it collects and uses data and a Request for Information seeking public comment on its data practices.

The SEC proposed to codify an existing temporary exemption related to ratings of structured finance products for credit rating agencies registered as NRSROs.

Five federal agencies approved final amendments to conform the swap margin rules to recent changes in the qualified financial contracts regulations.

The SEC announced its first enforcement action under the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule as part of an action against a firm for failures in its cybersecurity policies and procedures surrounding intrusion.

The House of Representatives passed eight bills previously passed by the House Financial Services Committee.

A federal judge ruled that virtual currencies meet the definition of a commodity and fall within the CFTC's jurisdiction, allowing the CFTC case against a virtual currency company to continue.

Financial services policy news

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued a Request for Comments on a proposed approach to consumer data privacy.

The Senate Commerce Committee conducted a hearing on “Safeguards for consumer data privacy,” where executives from major technology and communications companies provided testimony.

The White House released a National Cyber Strategy, which focuses on protecting critical infrastructure, the digital economy, efforts to counter cyberattacks, and preserving the openness of the internet.

Jean Nellie Liang was nominated to the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors for the remainder of a 14-year term expiring January 31, 2024.

Christine S. Wilson was sworn in as an FTC commissioner on September 26, 2018 to a seven-year term.

The Basel Committee issued responses to FAQs related to settled-to-market derivatives under the LCR and NSFR.

The Basel Committee met on September 19 and20, agreeing to its annual G-SIB list and to issue final stress-testing principles; other issues discussed included the leverage ratio, regulatory arbitrage, bank exposure to crypto-assets, and final revisions to the market risk framework.

The BIS discussed regulating cryptocurrencies in its September 2018 Quarterly Review and examined whether and how regulatory actions and related communications have affected cryptocurrency markets.