The Advisory story

In a world of dramatic disruption, KPMG helps companies meet today's challenges while charting a path to tomorrow's growth.

Executive summary:

Dramatic disruption. Accelerating technology advancements. Morphing business models. Aggressive competition. Changing customer needs and wants. To meet the challenges of today and remain competitive, businesses must drastically transform the way they operate.

KPMG Advisory professionals draw on diverse capabilities and industry knowledge from our entire firm to develop solutions that help you tackle the critical issues your business faces today. 

Here are just a few areas of expertise that can deliver results today while preparing your business for the future::

Digital transformation

Although enabled by technology, successful digital transformation requires business-wide change. Businesses must modify their organizational structures, processes, and the way their people work to become agile and able to adapt to future technology advances. We can help you create value by bridging the gap between transformational strategy and implementation, and between business, operating, functional and human capital models.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation (IA) uses algorithms and ontologies to simulate reasoning, making decisions based on a mix of evidence and probability, much like a human would. We can help you begin your IA journey and plan future innovations by addressing strategy, process improvement, security, complexity, and people and change.

Cyber security

While embracing new technologies is necessary to compete, it also makes your organization more vulnerable to cyber risk. The best approach to cyber security delivers value and enables business strategies while protecting your critical assets and providing resilience for sustainable business growth. By understanding your business priorities, strategic direction and operations, we can help protect your critical business processes; design processes for your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders; and prepare your organization to adopt new technology.