Powered HR enabled by ServiceNow
Powered HR enabled by ServiceNow

KPMG Powered HR enabled by ServiceNow

Leap ahead with a modern HR experience.

Studies broadly find employee experience to be critically important in an organization’s success. This is because people are consumers first, and they expect the same type of experience to transfer to the workplace.

Efficient, effective, process-based experiences are no longer enough, so many organizations use platforms that connect HR, IT, and finance and extend common HR information systems to tailor the experience to employees’ unique roles, demographics, and circumstances.

KPMG’s Powered HR, enabled by ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery, extends beyond leading practices and automation with a business-led, transformative approach to help organizations successfully fulfill these needs. KPMG Powered HR pre-built assets, enabled by the ServiceNow HRSD platform, accelerates the path to a modern, flexible, and personalized experience across HR and the entire enterprise.

Deliver a digital, personal, and tailored employee experience
Services brochure: KPMG Powered Enterprise HR enabled by ServiceNow

Use virtual assistants to create a consumer-grade HR experience

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KPMG and ServiceNow

KPMG is proud to be the ServiceNow Americas Partner of the Year 2019. Together, we help enterprises find and sustain value in HR and IT spending.

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