A framework for success – KPMG's Regulatory Ecosystem Framework

Empowered by automation and data-driven approaches

Transformative capabilities from end-to-end

Imagine a cost-efficient, streamlined and coordinated approach to managing regulatory change that includes proactive horizon scanning, automated data mapping and assessment, automated and improved testing, effective monitoring and controls, customized analytics, and reporting and data management for accurate insight on demand.

At KPMG, our Regulatory Ecosystem Framework offers transformational capabilities underpinned by an end-to-end global data model and data management designed to meet your needs now and in the future—aligning with advanced digital and emerging technologies, such as machine learning and intelligent automation. With our experience, we can help you determine the appropriate combination of innovative and emerging technologies to evolve your approach and achieve a strategic advantage. This can help you to meet regulatory requirements, significantly reduce costs and streamline operations.

1. Obligations inventory and horizon scanning

2. Strategic tranformational considerations impacting global business and operating models

3. Understand the global interdependencies with other strategic initiatives and regulations

4. Clear senior role and responsibility between business and functions, "three lines of defense"

5. Business and functions implement consistent global methodology in line with complex regulations

6. Integrate regulatory change into enterprise compliance programs and RCSAs

7. Executive level dashboards highlighting key decisions, metrics, challenges and escalations

How KPMG can help

Using the KPMG Regulatory Ecosystem Framework, we can help you enhance sustainable compliance and regulatory change programs through the inventorying, mapping, and reporting of core business data at the point of execution level of detail. We can assist you in curating a central repository of business processes, tied to regulations, risks, controls, policies, and procedures.  These capabilities should support you in your regulatory obligation mapping, and risk and control assessments.  In addition, these solutions enable the execution of a more robust monitoring and testing function.

Whether you seek advice for targeted change solutions or end-to-end support for an enterprise-wide transformation, KPMG is prepared to marshal all of our strengths—knowledge, experience, relationships, technology and commitment—to work in an integrated fashion across our global network of member firms to assist you in implementing your chosen approach.