Real-time payments: Value realization is here

Real-time payments reach over half the planet.

As of late 2017, more countries and regions joined the global real-time payments movement. With the arrival of European Banking Association Real-Time1 (EBA RT1), SEPA Instant Payments, The Clearing House (TCH) Real-Time Payments (RTP) System, Zelle Network, and the Australian New Payments Platform (NPP), real-time payments now have the potential to reach nearly 1 billion more people. Layered on top of other live and in development schemes, over half of the global population will potentially have access to real-time payments.

As the reach of real-time payments expands, so do value-added capabilities. And when combined with other digital and payment trends such as mobile wallets, open banking, and modern data standards, the possibilities for value realization multiply.

Real-time payments
Value realization is here.