Reaching new heights with loan data freedom

KPMG automated loan review platform

Every organization is aware of the vast challenges and opportunities created by the abundance of data in today’s marketplace. An often overlooked nuance of this data landscape can be defined as the invaluable “trapped data” currently residing in varying file formats across isolated and disparate enterprise sources. Most organizations tend to attach this “trapped data” via the time-trodden, rote, error-prone and costly technique of hiring humans to read documents, find key fields, enter the passage into a spreadsheet or downstream system, and manually apply procedures and business rules against that data.

KPMG’s new paper, Reaching new heights with loan data freedom, discusses the KPMG automated loan review platform that is designed to maximize our agility to serve customers most pressing “trapped” data challenges.

The days of the traditional approach to data are numbered as the proliferation of intelligent automation capabilities deliver data freedom and decision agility with previously unseen levels of speed, accuracy, and operational efficiency.