Is there a new recipe for CPG success?

Three tactics CPG executives can take amid retail grocery disruption


As online grocery shopping proliferates, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are battling to discover new sources of value for consumers. Our 2018 Grocery Retail Consumer Perception Survey shows that increasing demand for online platforms will likely impact traditional grocery profitability, and winning CPG executives will have to reinvent key aspects of trade programs, digital strategy, and mergers and acquisitions “M&A” approach in order to stay relevant tomorrow.

This paper explores the following three tactics that CPG executives should consider in order to remain relevant among the industry disruption.

  • Evolving trade planning approaches
  • Fully integrated digital strategies
  • Driving new growth through M&A 
Is there a new recipe for CPG success?
CPGs look to the future amid retail grocery disruption

The future of online grocery shopping

Katherine Black, KPMG’s U.S. Consumer & Retail Strategy co-lead provides further commentary in this video on the three key tactics CPG executives need to consider in order to keep their organization relevant.