Integrated planning for a dynamic oil and gas industry

Integrated planning for a dynamic oil and gas industry. Insights from an inaugural survey of upstream planning processes.

Significant forces are reshaping the upstream oil and gas sector, exposing the limitations of traditional planning practices. Exploration and production companies (E&Ps) are searching for a better way to manage their businesses in light of the shift to unconventionals, the downturn and volatility of commodity prices, intensifying investor focus on returns, and continuing innovations in the field.

To better understand the impact of these challenges on planning as well as to begin identifying best practices, KPMG and 3esi-Enersight developed a new upstream planning survey targeting the largest North American E&Ps. The results highlighted a clear divide between the stated importance of planning and the reality of its execution, as well as identified emerging best practices for this “new normal” operating environment.

As the business and technical environment becomes increasingly difficult to predict and adapt to, the importance of agile, effective planning grows. Yet, the planning discipline is still very much in its adolescence; most operators have yet to turn it into a competitive advantage.

The following thought leadership, which includes in-depth survey analysis, a planning process assessment worksheet, and a future state operating model, is designed to help upstream companies create a roadmap for real improvement to their planning organizations.

Download a full analysis of industry trends from the Upstream Planning Survey.

About the survey:

The inaugural Upstream Planning Survey was conducted from August through December 2017 and targeted individuals at leading E&Ps who participated significantly in their organization’s planning process. Respondents included senior executives, mid-level management, engineers and support staff from operators whose production ranged from approximately 25,000 to over 3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day and who had material operations within North America. The survey included questions grouped into the following topic areas:

  • Focus and value of planning
  • Anatomy of a planning cycle
  • Planning norms
  • Information flow and tools
  • Looking forward: The future of planning
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