How Cloud implementation drives HR to improve its people skills

The human resources organization must do for itself what it typically teaches others: use data to take advantage of better people skills.

In today's globalized world of business, HR must move beyond creating headcount or turnover reports to creating more sophisticated workflows and better network collaborations. Cloud can furnish high-quality data to support that, especially when HR deploys Cloud solutions along with the finance function.

In a global survey commissioned by Oracle and conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom, 62% of HR-based respondents said that their company's Cloud technology is either fully deployed or in the late stages of deployment. For those companies, the next mandate is to curate, on the people side, the skills that take data and make it evidence for action.

MIT Technology Review Custom explores how the Cloud is transforming HR organizations with Mike DiClaudio, Principal, KPMG People & Change Advisory, in this paper. Read it to discover how the Cloud can transform HR into a strategic powerhouse to help drive the business forward.

How Cloud implementation drives HR to improve its people skills
With cloud, the human resource function gains flexibility, reduces costs, and improves its ability to innovate and align with company strategic goals.