Growing pains - U.S. CEO Outlook 2018

High confidence. Measured expectations.

This year’s U.S. CEO Outlook finds CEOs ardently pursuing growth and technology-driven disruption, buoyed by high confidence in the U.S. economy and their own growth prospects.

What’s changed since last year? The need for disruption has intensified further, and technology has emerged as the only driver of transformation for a majority of U.S. CEOs. These developments have brought up some “old” issues but with a decidedly new twist.

Cybersecurity risk this year makes it back to the top of the list of risks, but it is no longer seen as a matter of implementing the basic blocking and tackling activities. CEOs now realize that full preparedness requires longer-term sustainability of cyber risk mitigation versus point security projects.

The always important customer experience is this year viewed through the lens of personalization. It takes on a new meaning amid the intensive scrutiny of customer data, as exemplified by new laws about customer data protection.

Despite these new challenges, U.S. CEOs feel confident about their abilities to steer their companies through transformations, while realizing that they need to proceed judiciously. You’ll find a great deal of data and insights to draw from in this report, as leading CEOs and KPMG leaders share their strategic and tactical challenges as well as solutions.

As always, we sincerely thank the CEOs who took the time to share their views with us.

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