Enterprise services governance

Take a visionary, disciplined approach to governance of outsourcing, shared services, as-a-service and automation.

Ask the managers of dynamic investment funds how they create value for clients, and the response will usually be that they closely manage the portfolio, execute the strategy, and effectively manage risk. They don’t ‘set and forget.’ They are on constant vigil, making the right investments work hard for their clients.

The same holds true for leading organizations with extensive global services portfolios. As global sourcing becomes more complex, the traditional approach to vendor management -- monitoring service levels, managing change orders, and keeping the relationship amicable --  is no longer enough.

Today, as companies transform their support services to drive competitive advantage, they’re integrating capabilities into a portfolio of services aligned with business objectives. Management of that portfolio requires a sophisticated, holistic approach focused on creating value and managing risk.

Governance ensures that decisions and actions are in alignment with the desired outcomes of the organization, relationship, or agreement.

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