Global dimension to the US Tax Cuts

Understanding the global impact of the US Tax Cuts

As demands of today’s consumer rapidly shift, increasing expectations will drive for new experiences and product innovations through greater personalization and convenience. At the same time, business model innovation driven by the prevalence of e-commerce, subscriptions, innovative delivery models and other key factors will put significant pressure on supply chain operations.

Within the ever-present cost of pressures and the growing need to address these new demands and routes to market, the requirement to operate a hyper-efficient supply chain is growing. In this environment, fundamentally rethinking the supply chain is essential to making it a competitive differentiator. Companies that invest in the latest digital technologies for harnessing their data gathering and analytics capabilities and use that data to make improvements in existing and smart new infrastructure will be able to build a faster, more nimble and more customer centric supply chains. 

Global dimension to the us tax cuts
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