GDPR: vendor privacy compliance

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  • Welcome and thank you for watching KPMG’s privacy video series, and the third of three videos dedicated to sustaining GDPR.
  • Vendor management is an area of concern for most organizations, as they work to improve their privacy program, but, see a potentially large gap with vendor GDPR compliance.
  • First, determine who will own Vendor Privacy Compliance.
  • We recommend developing a RACI matrix reflecting
    multi-stakeholder responsibilities.
  • Also remember to define the organization's risk appetite related to vendors and understand implications.
  • Develop a vendor intake questionnaire to enable prioritizing of vendors into high, medium and low risk.
  • For each risk level, determine appropriate level of due diligence, including what to do when the vendor contract is complete.


  • Coordinate with legal to address contractual GDPR language.
  • Coordinate with IT security-for-privacy to address technical controls.
  • Coordinate with risk stakeholders to address vendor compliance reviews.
  • Agree with stakeholders the ramifications for vendor
  • Do not forget to continue to adjust and monitor risk levels and privacy governance based on lessons learned throughout the contract period


  • Thank you for your attention as we wrap up our section on sustaining GDPR
  • Please stay tuned for the final set of videos in these series, focused on realizing value from your GDPR program.
  • Thanks for watching.


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