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The KPMG privacy video series is designed to help your organization think through the priorities of GDPR and align your privacy compliance efforts without disrupting business.



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Welcome to KPMG’s privacy video series.

  • This video is the first of two focused on how to realize value from your GDPR efforts.
  • Here we will explore how your GDPR program fits into and enables privacy compliance and risk management.
  • This video will focus on how GDPR fits within overall regulatory change management.
  • Many organizations struggle to track and manage the large number of applicable privacy laws.
  • A number of global privacy laws interact with GDPR, either aligning or conflicting with GDPR requirements.
  • The foundations of your GDPR program should align with your unique business and risk appetite.


  • We recommend using a service to actively identify changes to privacy laws and requirements.
    • This can be a free service such as IAPP Daily Dashboard.
    • Or this could be a paid service which includes legal analysis and tailored reporting.
  • Work with legal to assess the impact of these laws, and potential influence on your GDPR program.
  • On periodic basis, host working sessions to inform stakeholders of regulations that impact your "business processes and/or information technologies."
    • Make certain that the privacy program remains current given continued changes to the privacy law landscape.
    • Finally, you can realize value by designing a GDPR privacy program founded on privacy principles - for example, the generally accepted privacy principles - which should limit the number of changes necessary when privacy laws change.


  • Thank you for your time and attention as we move into our final video on realizing value from your GDPR program.
  • Thanks for watching.
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Cyber security: it’s a business issue, not just an information technology issue.

Cyber security: it’s a business issue, not just an information technology issue.

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