Finance disrupted
Finance disrupted

Finance disrupted

The CFO's agenda for disruption

Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires finance to address disruption head-on or risk being left behind more nimble competitors.

So how should the CFO respond? Experience shows that CFOs are deriving specific benefits for their companies by focusing on six key areas.

Finance disrupted
CFOs face a business environment in turmoil. Explore six key areas for focus and examples of finance organizations turning disruption into opportunity.


Extreme automation

Finance professionals must embrace technology disruptors to transform their operating models and unlock the benefits of extreme automation. Indeed, 58 percent of finance leaders report that their organization is already exploring emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.1

Successful finance functions will make good use of blockchain, data analytics, and other enabling technologies, while emerging technologies will change the nature of shared services centers. Furthermore, businesses can exploit AI for sharper predictive insights and better deployment of capital.

The key to success is to create a blueprint for how the finance organization can turn disruptors into opportunities.

Leading finance organizations are already reaping the rewards of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and robotic process automation (RPA)—from reduced costs and risks to heightened efficiencies and improved cybersecurity. With a baseline technology infrastructure in place, these organizations can look to future investments in more advanced technologies.

Read this paper to uncover the other key areas that make up the CFO’s agenda for disruption. Plus, explore real life examples of companies that have already turned their visions for the future into reality.


1 Aggregate of approximately 500 finance and business leaders’ responses to polling questions collected during KPMG LLP’s CFO Real Insights Webcast, Advanced Analytics and the CFO (March 2018).