2018 Customer Experience Excellence report

Know me: The key to an individualized, personal customer experience.

What do your customers want?

Customers are more demanding and decisive than ever. They want companies to recognize their unique needs, personal circumstances and life problems. At the same time, they want to feel in control, valued and important.

Organizations that fail to meet customer expectations (CX) rarely get a second chance. To compete successfully, you must know your customer and deliver individualized solutions.

Wowing the customer is what we are looking to do in every encounter.
Rebecca Gay, Director of U-Haul Customer Service and Live Verification


How does your company rank?

Despite massive investments in customer experience, overall, the quality of company interactions experienced by American consumers declined during 2017.

We observed that the highest movers are organizations who made the most dedicated and focused efforts to radically improve the quality of the experiences they create. They are also intentional and decisive in their experience design.

Keeping pace with ever-escalating expectations demands a new form of company; one that truly knows its customer and has the flexibility to react quickly to their changing needs. To deliver consistently high-quality individualized and personal experience at every interaction requires employees who care.


Know what it takes

Organizations must develop new frameworks to understand the value they create for customers, and equally important, the value that different types of customers create for them.

Companies that ranked highest on CX ultimately reaped higher revenue growth and improved loyalty.

Customer journeys are increasingly the focus for most businesses; it is the single most important CX tool. However, it’s not a one-off exercise; it is a way of life. Journeys must continually be updated as new technologies arrive and customer needs change and develop.

Our mission is about excellent service to our members and that mission starts with our employees. I believe that our success is all about putting employees first."
Cutler Dawson, president/CEO of Navy Federal

Read our reports, view the infographic and watch the video to explore the value of individualized, personal customer experience.


Executive summary: 2018 Customer Experience Excellence report



Infographic: 2018 Customer Experience Excellence report



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