In pursuit of compliance metrics
In pursuit of compliance metrics

In pursuit of compliance metrics

Evaluate. Integrate. Automate.

Effective compliance metrics support compliance efforts by providing a window into an organization’s compliance risks and controls. It is vital that organizations evaluate, integrate, and (when valuable) automate metrics that provide insights into their compliance efforts in order to more effectively prevent, detect, and respond to current and future compliance risks. Such metrics can help compliance and business leaders identify gaps and areas where further operational controls can strengthen the control environment, while enabling the organization to move beyond compliance and realize greater value.

Using insights from discussions with executives and their stakeholders, this publication provides key takeaways to help compliance, business, and risk leaders initiate their next steps to bolster their metrics:

  • Confirm your compliance metrics goals
  • Evaluate existing compliance metrics
  • Determine the compliance metrics to enhance
  • Continuously improve and strengthen metrics

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