After the RPA pilot

Take a programmatic approach to intelligent automation to scale growth, manage risk, and drive enterprise value

Pilots—or proof-of-concept programs—help business leaders and CIOs set a foundation for their understanding of robotic process automation (RPA), while at the same time introducing new ideas for how automation can help scale operations or define new business strategies. After a successful pilot, with these leaders seeing the possibilities, what happens next?

Ensure intelligent automation ventures become more than speculation and remain significant to the business

When performing RPA pilots many companies get stuck in basic automation and stop there. Other companies have basic and cognitive automation pilots going on simultaneously.

Aligning the goals of basic RPA with cognitive computing and artificial intelligence can seem improbable, but are the objectives really that different? Leaders want to use all levels of automation to drive business growth, manage risk, and increase value. The trick is having a strategy for getting from pilot to program, and putting in place a comprehensive structure looking beyond the RPA pilots to intelligent automation (IA) as an across-the-board investment.

Avoiding the pitfalls in getting beyond the pilot

In our report, you'll find examples of companies' wrong turns after completing RPA pilot programs. You'll also learn in detail how one, after encountering some roadblocks, was able to regroup to successfully reach the finish line.

Four critical characteristics for success

Strategic positioning, centers of excellence, robust delivery frameworks and proactive risk management can help enhance and expedite the implementation of IA throughout an organization. You'll learn about each in the report. 

Five considerations when embarking on an intelligent automation journey

Strategy, roles and responsibilities, oversight models, structuring for scalability and incorporating IA into IT architecture are challenges that must be addressed after the pilot phase. Learn more about each in the report.

After the RPA pilot
Explore a programmatic approach to intelligent automation to scale growth, manage risk, and drive enterprise value