A CEO's journey to the future of business

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Cognitive technologies. These aren’t buzz words or science fiction topics. They’re real technologies already improving the way we work and live.

From an executive point of view, this video explores the exponential possibilities—and the challenges—of revamping business and operating models to include intelligent automation. Possibilities to be more competitive and empower employees to do things never thought possible.

Hear what to consider before making decisions that can affect workforces, customers, investors and society. Learn ways to navigate your automation journey.



Video transcript


Twenty years of innovation has created a technology-powered change tsunami. It gains speed daily affecting our foundational business models.

People are afraid of job loss. And I’ve seen the damage fear can do to a company’s culture.

If the Law of Accelerating Returns is replacing Moore’s Law, how can my organization capitalize on technology’s blistering pace?

The board of directors asked me to lead this company. Revenues are up. Expenses flat.

Our contact center automation pilot improved customer satisfaction.

My teams and I understand that intelligent automation isn’t about replacing people. It empowers them to do things never thought possible. Improve profitability and bring products to market faster.

It’s time to change. 

Cynics believe artificial intelligence may become too powerful.

Risks are higher than ever.

And I’m accountable. 

With intelligent automation:

  • self-driving cars are here
  • doctors diagnose more accurately
  • retail is more convenient
  • cybercrime is more preventable.

We can’t wait and see. I’m about to tell the board how we will transform to a 21st century enterprise. Combine new digital technologies and intelligent automation with human innovation, problem solving and personal interaction.

An enterprise where technology, and the data it provides, not only makes routine tasks more efficient but also brings us closer to customers, employees and all stakeholders.

It takes technology and people to run an enterprise. How do we ensure the combination brings out the best of both?

How do we push a 50-year-old company fast enough?

If we’re smart, intelligent automation will enhance what we do. Make us more competitive. 

Thanks to our collaboration with KPMG we’re on the path to:

  • align automation efforts with our core values so decisions maintain forward momentum
  • encode technology to reflect our values so technology understands our customers
  • detect threats and deter cybercrime
  • and help employees thrive in the new model.

Our roadmap starts with using intelligent automation to deliver a better customer experience.

From there, we add intelligent automation to our R&D, product creation and delivery. This new business and operating model will create stronger relationships between employees, customers and technology.

A new way of doing business.


At KPMG, we use intelligent automation in many areas of our firm, such as to enhance our audit quality and vastly increase the amount of data that can be analyzed to reinforce confidence in the capital markets.

Navigating this transformation involves complex considerations: Risk and controls. Sourcing. Technology. Data and analytics. Cybersecurity. And critical talent and change management.

KPMG can help address these areas.

Innovation continues to gain speed. We can help you define the future of your business.