Social media governance

Social media is the exchange of personal and professional information through digital vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and blogs.

The use of social media among companies across almost all industry sectors is exploding as a key element of business strategy, from engaging customers in real time to adding sales channels and enhancing brand and market research.


However, there are inherent risks to using social media within organizations. These risks include employees using company-issued PCs and smartphones that may lead to leaking confidential information or intellectual property, possibly causing reputational issues as well as the potential for regulatory infractions. Hence, many organizations are struggling to develop and maintain a clear-cut social media governance framework as a central part of their social media strategy.

KPMG’s Social Media Governance professionals can help organizations develop a clear-cut social media governance program. They can raise an organization’s awareness of the need for social media governance as well as what it can do to inform employees through targeted corporate communications and protect themselves from unwanted publicity.

Specifically, KPMG has developed materials to help organizations learn more about social media governance, including:

  • Risk management in an evolving world: Making the case for social media governance
  • Increasing effective collaboration with social media tools
  • Governing the “voice of the company” in social media
  • Social media governance for your workforce
  • Information Governance, Privacy, and Security Consideration for Social Media

For most organizations, social media is at the beginning of its maturity curve. The rapid adoption of social media vehicles, combined with the evolution of the Web 2.0 technologies, present a complex challenge, especially for organizations in highly regulated industries.

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