Service Connect

Simplify and optimize how your workforce engages with shared services and outsourced processes.

Now more than ever, companies around the world are adopting business services to drive greater efficiency to their organizations. But the business services landscape can be a difficult one to navigate and can quickly become complex – for everyone involved in the process.

That’s why we’ve created KPMG Service Connect, a solution designed to fundamentally change the way organizations look at – and engage with – business services. Based on the experience and industry knowledge we bring to clients every day, it’s a modern solution that simplifies and optimizes how business services are both delivered and consumed.

KPMG Service Connect is designed to reflect the everyday digital experience of each user. Enhancing the business service consumer experience, this solution includes:

  • a modern, innovative platform
  • a solution that delivers
  • integration with existing systems
  • analytics you need.

This solution offers the opportunity for business service organizations to move beyond cost savings and into greater value. Incorporating KPMG’s valuable experience of leading practices for business service operating models, service management technology and the digital experience, KPMG Service Connect has the potential to drive genuine value to your organization. 

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Service Connect
KPMG Service Connect is a consumer-centric, business services platform that features a tailored experience for each user’s role.