Robo advising: hype or opportunity?
Robo advising: hype or opportunity?

Robo advising: hype or opportunity?

KPMG’s survey of banking customers demonstrates high interest in robo-advisor services.

75% of KPMG’s survey respondents are interested in Robo-advisor services.

Everyone is buzzing about “robo advisors,” automated, digital wealth management solutions that have proven attractive to both high–net-worth clients and mass market customers. While there has been a lot of activity and press, it’s not too late for banks to enter the digital wealth management space.

To get a sense of the market opportunity, KPMG surveyed 1,500 bank clients about their awareness of and interest in digital wealth management.

Our findings show that interest among existing bank clients is high, and banks would be remiss to ignore the opportunity to add robo advising to their product portfolios.

Read the detailed whitepaper to explore KPMG’s survey findings and recommendations for financial services executives:

  • The current robo advising market and expected growth
  • What does this trend mean for banks and brokerages?
  • How do existing financial services capitalize on the exciting opportunities for digital wealth management?
  • Understand the key business and operating model questions you should be asking.

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