Risk front

Monitoring public internet commentary to identify and manage risk

Risk Front is KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) customized solution for identification of risk as evidenced in public Internet commentary. It is a service-based offering with analytics-driven insights sourced via technology and interpreted by risk professionals.

With Risk Front, you can identify risks as they emerge and potentially before they hit the mainstream. This then allows you to take action to mitigate risks as soon as possible, and see the effects of those actions.

What is public internet commentary monitoring?

  • Public commentary on the Internet through social media, Web sites, blogs, etc. has grown exponentially. Commentary on an organization has the potential to affect products, brands, business practices, and people.
  • This commentary has increased to the point where it is difficult to separate real insight from “noise.”
  • To obtain real business insights, an organization must use high-value analytical processes to extract only what is valid.
  • This extraction can be configured to identify and isolate early indicators of risk.
  • With early detection, the organization is better equipped to determine the right course of action to address the risk.

What risk topics are typically found in public internet commentary?

The candid opinions expressed in public Internet commentary can provide key insights into multiple areas of risk.

How does risk front differentiate between structured and unstructured data?

What is the role of the technology platform?

The technology platform does the heavy lifting.

Technical challenges:

  • Acquisition of commentary data
  • Identification of relevant risk content
  • Classification into areas of interest
  • Calculation of risk scores

The KPMG Risk Front managed service, powered by Polecat Ltd., addresses these challenges.

How does KPMG’s human capital differentiate risk front?

Risk Front combines leading technology with skilled risk professionals to provide strong insight.

At KPMG, our risk professionals are trained with skill sets that help clients chart the challenges of emerging risks propelled by the use of public Internet commentary.

  • Industry knowledge
  • Global-culture perspective
  • Technology trends
  • Mitigation techniques
  • Regulatory perspective

How will my company benefit from risk front analysis?

Three key areas where clients can benefit from public data analysis:

  1. Known issues that are now more understandable
  2. Background issues that may grow in significance
  3. Issues with little or no previous visibility that are now actionable

Risk front overview

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