Rapid prototyping

Moving from ideation to high-fidelity digital prototypes in less than a month.

The exponential growth of technology is fueling an age of innovation, when even the world’s largest companies aren’t immune to dying on the vine because they haven’t kept pace with ever-changing customer needs. Businesses that thrive are quick to evolve with the world around them.

KPMG’s rapid prototyping is a highly effective way to drive change. It enables you to take action — to explore ideas, learn early, test assumptions and pivot.

We can typically get from ideation to a working high-fidelity prototype in less than a month. This means reduced risk and quicker time to market.

Rapid prototyping brings design thinking to life

Organizations that combine rapid prototyping with design thinking are simply better at adapting. They're able to make quicker decisions, bring greater transparency and purpose to agile methods, and align more holistically on a single strategic vision.

Our process is simple, direct and repeatable.

Step 1: 

Hypothesize — Come up with a big idea that you believe will solve a pain point and deliver more value to customers. (1–2 days)

Step 2: 

Make — Build a high-fidelity digital prototype. (2–3 weeks)

Step 3: 

Share — Share the vision. Get feedback. Then iterate or go back to step 1. (1–2 days)


Our range of services

KPMG explores and validates potential solutions by creating simplified test models using rapid prototyping. These range from simple visual mock-ups to help gain stakeholder buy-in and feedback, to code-based proofs of concept.

Where ongoing expertise or resources are required, KPMG provides Experience @Scale as a managed service, partnering with your business to deliver design and build projects over a given period of time.

We’d love to talk with you about how rapid prototyping and user testing can help reduce risk and long-term costs while allowing your organization the opportunity to continually iterate and take new solutions to market faster.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.

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