Race for the platform: What's around the next curve?

Traditional TV delivery models and people’s consumption habits are being upended. The growth and scale of OTT content providers are giving consumers more flexibility and choice than ever before for their TV viewing options.

Over-the-top (OTT) content delivery will bring about a redistribution of TV industry profits, and it may just be the beginning. Industry players have spent decades perfecting a highly profitable model that is now being significantly disrupted, and the onslaught of disruptions is happening at an increasing clockspeed. There’s a strong sense of urgency to evolve and transform. We believe the TV and film ecosystem will evolve to adopt a platform business model, which will dramatically change the way viewers select, purchase and watch TV programs. Companies looking to participate in the new TV ecosystem are facing uncharted territory and will need to grapple with some critical questions.

  • How will the TV and film ecosystem evolve?
  • When is the tipping point?
  • What should they do to prepare?
  • How can companies position themselves to be relevant (and profitable) in the future?

Our latest consumer survey of pay-TV and OTT subscribers in the U.S. provides additional insight. Click here to review the results.

Pay-TV versus OTT
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