Protectionism and outsourcing: Brace for impact

What the U.S administration’s potential immigration policy changes might mean for organizations using third-party offshore service providers and how to prepare.

The new U.S. administration has made it clear that protectionist policies and immigration reform are important priorities. As a result, organizations dealing with strategies regarding the use of offshore resources have been carefully watching what transpires, from campaign promises and press conferences to the President’s tweets.

The question is, what do these potential policy changes mean for organizations using third-party services, particularly third-party offshore service providers? What are some of the fundamental things they should be thinking about as they try to plot out what they should be doing over the next 6-18 months?

Read Protectionism and outsourcing: Brace for impact to discover three important areas that organizations should investigate and be aware of as they develop their outsourcing strategies and policies.

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