Pharma Outlook 2030: From evolution to revolution

A shift in focus.

The pharmaceutical sector is at a crossroads. 

In a heavily disrupted marketplace, characterized by shifting payer attitudes and patient empowerment, neither incremental adjustments nor steady evolution are likely to halt the decline of the traditional pharmaceutical business model. This paper looks ahead to a 2030 scenario to examine the trends revolutionizing the sector; trends that we expect to have dramatic impacts.

We believe revenues will fall well short of forecasts as current projections, as well as business and operating models, do not reflect the turbulence in the marketplace. The continued upheaval will give rise to three distinct pharmaceutical archetypes. Executive teams need to carefully consider what type of company they want to be – and plot the optimal path towards this status.

By preparing for this future now, organizations not only reduce the risk of decreasing income, but can also open up new opportunities for growth. Over the coming months, we shall produce a series of thought-provoking articles that will examine more deeply specific topics outlined in this paper, which sets the scene for volatile times ahead.