Organizing for enterprise architecture success

Improve the contributions of your enterprise architecture functions

Do you know what to expect from enterprise architecture?

This paper introduces an assessment model to help enterprise architecture (EA) stakeholders – including senior executives, business unit leaders, CIOs, IT executives and architecture professionals – build a common understanding about what enterprise architecture can do for them, and most importantly, what they should do to better exploit EA’s potential.

Increasing enterprise architecture’s impact has clear strategic benefits:

  • more value from technology investments
  • better IT governance and management processes
  • increased business agility
  • positioning for competitive advantage.

Learn in this paper about:

  • achieving stakeholder agreement on how to apply enterprise architecture
  • identifying initiatives where enterprise architecture is indispensable
  • understanding the potential of enterprise architecture
  • pitfalls most EA functions face
  • an assessment model for the basic roles of EA.

A retail organization case study is included.