KPMG Powered Finance enabled by Oracle

Create a smarter, faster finance organization with KPMG Powered Enterprise and Oracle.

In a world that is constantly changing, the finance organization needs to respond to new business challenges and opportunities. KPMG Powered Finance is our prebuilt solution that can help eliminate the complexity of aligning your finance function with Oracle Cloud applications—so you can focus on more strategic initiatives that add value to the business.

KPMG Powered Finance helps address the common issues facing the finance function:

  • diminishing credibility with the business due to lack of insight resulting in inability to support decision making
  • immature control environment with compliance varying across teams
  • finance teams not effectively designed to respond quickly to business challenges and opportunities; operating in isolation; and constrained by poor processes
  • inflexible, aging, and costly systems.

The solution works to transform the finance function through:

  • a target operating model built on leading practice approaches to service delivery model, organization/people, process, data, governance, and technology
  • direct access to KPMG’s finance, tax, risk, and controls knowledge
  • an integrated design using the latest cloud-based technology from Oracle®.
KPMG Powered Finance enabled by Oracle
Future. Proof. KPMG Powered Enterprise is the performance-focused way to transform your finance function.


KPMG Powered Finance demo

Create a smarter, faster finance organization.