A 10-part framework for improving security in the modern enterprise

Meet the demands of updating your network to handle security challenges with KPMG's 10-part framework for network segmentation.

The realities of today’s business and security environment are rendering old approaches to network security ineffective. 

Businesses may need to add or replace hardware and software. They may need to integrate existing solutions in different and new ways. The people who manage the network may need to change, as may the processes governing the network. Even the users of the network may need to transform.

This paper describes 10 components of KPMG’s framework for network segmentation. Businesses challenged to phase out outdated network infrastructure and update their network to handle the security challenges of today and tomorrow can use this framework as a basic guide to getting started on network segmentation.

A 10-part framework for improving security in the modern enterprise: The network segmentation imperative
Network segmentation—splitting a network into subnetworks—is the most effective way to protect today’s enterprises from cyber attack.