KPMG cycle

Catalyzing design thinking and team collaboration.

A versatile tool for design process management and KPMG Journey Mapping

KPMG CYCLE is an easy-to-use, virtual design and collaboration tool for design process management that can significantly reduce the time and effort required to develop software assets, including KPMG Journey Mapping. It supports efficient online collaboration, enabling stakeholders to deliver the right solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

The challenges of collaborating in the digital age

Today’s design processes often involve multiple designers, user experiences and stakeholders, and this can make it difficult to develop the proper solution quickly. Traditionally, design assets and revisions are shared via email, PDFs or screen-sharing technologies—an approach that can often be slow, cumbersome and error prone.

KPMG CYCLE helps manage iterations and provides a comprehensive view of project status via the dashboard. By monitoring revision counts, outstanding approvals and key milestones, KPMG CYCLE helps keep your team, and your project, on the rails.

Making collaboration more transparent and cost-effective

KPMG CYCLE offers a better way by centralizing design assets and tracking the entire design evolution from initial concepts to final approval and handoff. Revisions are easy to make and review across multiple platforms by design professionals as well as business users without a technical background.

In addition, all comments and suggestions are identified by their authors, supporting greater transparency in the design process and helping team members share ideas and discuss changes before they're incorporated. This improves collaboration, simplifies the approval process and supports stakeholder buy in.

KPMG CYCLE results

With KPMG CYCLE, the team can build the right application with fewer iterations, reducing costs at every stage of the development process. And with KPMG CYCLE’s intuitive interface, assets can be changed at a later date to meet new business requirements.

KPMG CYCLE average results include

2x faster approvals on final designs


50% less time preparing for live review sessions


60% increased efficiency of the collaboration and design review process



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