Key strategy capabilities

KPMG can help you create, protect and deliver your business strategy.

KPMG’s strategy capabilities are focused on improving value for clients and enabling the pursuit and fulfilment of goals and ambitions. We believe that agile strategies are more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing world. And we know that strategy needs to be continually reviewed and updated to reflect today's dynamic markets, to create opportunities and to respond to threats.

Our strategy capabilities outlined below are framed by our 9 Levers of Value approach, which represent the key elements of an organization’s financial, business and operating model that CEOs and executives can pull when designing and implementing strategy.

Growth strategy

Companies are targeting aggressive growth strategies in response to structural shifts caused by new technologies, changing regulations, evolving customer needs and sector convergence. However, realizing growth is extremely challenging. KPMG helps you identify and implement a prioritized set of growth platforms that will enable you to achieve your growth ambitions.

Operating strategy & cost

With ever-increasing customer expectations, rapid market and technological change, disruptions from new entrants, increasing levels of regulation and reputational risk, and growing shareholder scrutiny of performance, business leaders must continually re-evaluate their operational strategy, balancing short-term cost improvements with long-term change. KPMG supports your business in identifying, quantifying, prioritizing and delivering the changes required to align your operating model with your financial targets and strategic objectives.

Deal strategy

M&A has the power to accelerate growth by harnessing new ways of managing capital; granting access to new markets, sales and distribution channels; or simplifying and optimizing infrastructure operations and costs. But, successfully executing M&A is a challenge for businesses, with many failing. KPMG offers strategic and financial advice on raising capital; helps with decisions on where to invest; uncovers new opportunities; and provides rigorous M&A support pre-, mid- and post-deal.

Enterprise-wide transformation            

In today’s dynamic and disruptive market, organizations must be willing to transform their business and operating models or risk irrelevance. KPMG helps align your organization internally, mapping the journey from where you need to be, back to where you are today and outlining what needs to happen in between for that journey to be realized. We provide the overarching framework for multi-year strategic planning, capital allocation, portfolio and synergy assessments, scenario planning, corporate center redesigns and other enterprise-wide services.