HR transformation survey - Intelligent automation

Thirty-six percent of respondents to KPMG's 2017 Human Resources Transformation Survey plan to use process automation within one year.

Intelligent automation has the potential to fundamentally change the current approach to human capital management. While technology is a driving force in this transformation, having a proactive, people-oriented strategy will make all the difference in how an organization is able to adapt to change.

The human resources function has an opportunity to be at the center of these strategic discussions and play an instrumental role in how organizations adopt intelligent automation. KPMG’s 2017 Human Resources Transformation survey reveals that 27% of organizations report their HR function is viewed as a key business asset that adds strategic value. Of those organizations:

  • 66% are driving the conversation on the impact of intelligent automation inside their organization
  • 92% of strategic HR functions view intelligent automation as having a significant impact on the HR function.

Key obstacles on the road to intelligent automation


Costs and funding

A lack of budgets and skills process standardization

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Findings from KPMG's 2017 human resources transformation survey