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Regulatory change management

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Horizon scanning is a vital component to a successful regulatory change management system. It transforms your ability to track and monitor regulatory change (new regulations, legislations, guidance and updates from around the world) and link it to your compliance obligations.  For organizations that must comply with hundreds if not thousands of regulations, monitoring for regulatory change can be a significant investment.

We help you address common challenges, such as:

  • Identification and sourcing of laws and rules at a domestic and global scale
  • Consumption and identification of impacted relevant regulatory data
  • Monitoring of new and changed regulations and trends on a continuous basis
  • Sourcing, monitoring, and prioritizing regulatory changes to quickly determine their impact across your organization

You can benefit from:

  • Greater insights into emerging regulatory trends
  • Improved resource efficiencies and potential cost savings
  • Improved integrity and consistency
  • Enhanced data management and reporting by deploying customized and advanced analytic capabilities
  • Increased focused on determining the impact on your organization’s governance and operating framework from regulatory changes, and escalation of pertinent information to the organization’s governance team