GDPR: How to address the personal data

It’s time to address your data and better understand data subject rights.

The next three episodes help you identify and map the personal data your privacy program will govern, guide you in prioritizing implementation, and teach you how to respond to data subject requests.


View all episodes of the "KPMG Privacy" video series.


Data flow mapping and inventory

This “how-to” GDPR video will focus on how to address your data while understanding privacy needs, and how to identify and map the personal data your privacy program will govern.

Data classification and retention

This data focused video will discuss the approach for data asset protection, including gathering key data classification and governance for stakeholders to define and agree upon.

Data subject rights

The sixth GDPR video discusses how to prepare to be response ready to data subject requests. Being response ready includes: how personal data is being used, how to minimize the collection and retention of that data, ability to opt-out of data collection and gaining full access to data.

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