The global business services (GBS) payoff

Critical considerations for driving global business services (GBS) maturity and financial performance.

Enterprises employ global business services (GBS)—a next-generation operational and organizational model to deliver business processes—for multiple reasons, including cost reduction, agility, process excellence, business insights, and operational risk mitigation. 

To understand the correlation between GBS maturity and the levers that enable enhanced financial outcomes, KPMG surveyed and analyzed more than 200 GBS organizations worldwide using a proprietary tool that examines 70 characteristics across 10 competencies of GBS excellence. Participants in the study with more mature GBS organizations demonstratively drove greater financial performance—to the tune of tens of millions of dollars—by properly activating the right levers.

Learn in this report about the predictors of overall financial performance and GBS-driven business outcomes found in the research. We also describe the four categories shown in the graphic and recommend actions for companies in each to take for increasingly stronger financial outcomes.

The Global Business Services (GBS) Payoff
Critical considerations for driving Global Business Services (GBS) maturity and financial performance.

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